Internshit – An Early Reflection

Internship shit

Last week was marked by the early excitement of a new work environment. This week, however, things got more serious. I'm not any less excited about my internship, but I had to manually tune my excitement down a little to meet the productivity standards of the office. Fun offices are great, but they are offices… Continue reading Internshit – An Early Reflection



Close up Benzin vase

Next week Fundamental is launching a new product called "Benzin", which is a set of vases and containers (or we like to call the latter "canisters") with a gasoline like iridescence. I was given the task of doing a two-day photo-shoot to capture these beauties once and for always. Below you'll find a small sample of… Continue reading Benzin

Internshit – A First Impression

Internship shit

My first week at Fundamental Berlin is almost over and so it's time to give a first impression! First of all, what is Fundamental Berlin? Of course you could just click on the link and see it for yourself, but essentially it is a small design company, with roots in architecture, focusing on furniture and tableware design. All of… Continue reading Internshit – A First Impression