Internshit: A Half-baked Analysis of FUNDAMENTAL BERLIN

Internshit: shit revolving in and around my internship

Halfway through my internship now at FUNDAMENTAL BERLIN I have come to realise a thing or two about how Fundamental as a design studio operates and ensures its prolonged existence. One of them is that Fundamental is really designing purely decorative objects and that their business strategy relies mostly on impulse buyers. Fundamental's specialty are flatpack… Continue reading Internshit: A Half-baked Analysis of FUNDAMENTAL BERLIN


Happy Feelings and Office Vibes of Fundamental Berlin

Logo of Fundamental Berlin with a smiley

Although I am currently on a music-break there are others in our office at Fundamental who like the musical distraction every now and then and how can I blame them? Below you'll find a small selection of my personal favourites from the many playlists that our office is rich. It is generally not the type of music that… Continue reading Happy Feelings and Office Vibes of Fundamental Berlin

University: Questions are the foundation of knowledge, Internship: Questions cost time we don’t have

Internship shit

Internshit – after three weeks in my internship certain patterns start to become apparent. One of them is that I am asking too many unnecessary questions, according to my colleagues and superiors. Overall my internship is going great and I'm having a good time, but this is the probably the biggest point of critique, which is… Continue reading University: Questions are the foundation of knowledge, Internship: Questions cost time we don’t have

Internshit – An Early Reflection

Internship shit

Last week was marked by the early excitement of a new work environment. This week, however, things got more serious. I'm not any less excited about my internship, but I had to manually tune my excitement down a little to meet the productivity standards of the office. Fun offices are great, but they are offices… Continue reading Internshit – An Early Reflection

Internshit – A First Impression

Internship shit

My first week at Fundamental Berlin is almost over and so it's time to give a first impression! First of all, what is Fundamental Berlin? Of course you could just click on the link and see it for yourself, but essentially it is a small design company, with roots in architecture, focusing on furniture and tableware design. All of… Continue reading Internshit – A First Impression