Microscopic Depths

Microscopic Depths


Waves of E-motion

A crowd of sockets move in synchrony

Many products that are designed for travel purposes are compact and super functional. 'Less is more' is a design maxim most fitfully for these type of products. However, the travel adapter of one of my roommates (see picture below) seems to have forgotten about its purpose. Clearly it is designed for the "digital nomad", but… Continue reading Waves of E-motion

A Highly Unlikely Sight of the Berlin TV-Tower

A dead killer whale was found on Berlin's fernsehturm

What are the odds of a killer whale falling from the sky precisely on the pointy end of the TV-tower in Berlin? Practically zero you would say, but then you would be practically wrong as this is exactly what happened yesterday afternoon. How such a bizarre event could happen is not at all clear yet. It's speculated that… Continue reading A Highly Unlikely Sight of the Berlin TV-Tower

Philosophical Muse #1 – In the end psychology has to give way to theology

people, for example, and women surrender alien philosophy to the timid

"At the very furthest of scientific description, psychology has to give way to "theology" – that is, to a world-view that absorbs the individual's conflicts and guilt and offers him the possibility for some kind of heroic apotheosis." – Ernest Becker I quoted this sentence from the exceptionally revealing book, that I'm currently reading, "The Denial… Continue reading Philosophical Muse #1 – In the end psychology has to give way to theology