Ich habe ein Zimmer gefunden!

Mein neues zimmer is that way

Although it's only for six weeks, I'm super excited that I have a place of my own in Berlin. And not just anywhere in Berlin, but in the very heart of Berlin! I can practically walk to my work! On the 22nd I can move in with my three soon-to-be flatmates and from then on I… Continue reading Ich habe ein Zimmer gefunden!

A Highly Unlikely Sight of the Berlin TV-Tower

A dead killer whale was found on Berlin's fernsehturm

What are the odds of a killer whale falling from the sky precisely on the pointy end of the TV-tower in Berlin? Practically zero you would say, but then you would be practically wrong as this is exactly what happened yesterday afternoon. How such a bizarre event could happen is not at all clear yet. It's speculated that… Continue reading A Highly Unlikely Sight of the Berlin TV-Tower

Creativity is the Highest Attainable Goal of Every Individual

Creativity is, in my opinion, a seriously misunderstood ability. In the popular sense of the term it is restricted to people who call themselves artists or for the 'non-creative' it indicates some kind of occupational therapy. However, freely pursuing ones' creativity is much more than just being able to express yourself in a particular material or… Continue reading Creativity is the Highest Attainable Goal of Every Individual