Can Super Humans Compete With Super Algorithms? Evolution Holds The Answer.

In evolution there are two ways of transferring genes from one generation to the next: Vertical Gene Transfer (VGT) and Horizontal Gene Transfer (HGT). Everyone who has enjoyed a secondary education will know the former one, but the latter one is less commonly known. This might not be so surprising, since they do not equally… Continue reading Can Super Humans Compete With Super Algorithms? Evolution Holds The Answer.

Internshit: A Half-baked Analysis of FUNDAMENTAL BERLIN

Internshit: shit revolving in and around my internship

Halfway through my internship now at FUNDAMENTAL BERLIN I have come to realise a thing or two about how Fundamental as a design studio operates and ensures its prolonged existence. One of them is that Fundamental is really designing purely decorative objects and that their business strategy relies mostly on impulse buyers. Fundamental's specialty are flatpack… Continue reading Internshit: A Half-baked Analysis of FUNDAMENTAL BERLIN

One Month Without Music: Conclusion

iPod Out Of Order

One month ago I decided to not listen to any music for a month to see how that would affect me and potentially learn from that as I explained here. Music, just like many other things nowadays, is something we almost always have access to no matter where we are and what we are doing;… Continue reading One Month Without Music: Conclusion

Happy Feelings and Office Vibes of Fundamental Berlin

Logo of Fundamental Berlin with a smiley

Although I am currently on a music-break there are others in our office at Fundamental who like the musical distraction every now and then and how can I blame them? Below you'll find a small selection of my personal favourites from the many playlists that our office is rich. It is generally not the type of music that… Continue reading Happy Feelings and Office Vibes of Fundamental Berlin