Quirky Idea #1

Glueing food onto a MacBook as a kind of laptop sticker art. (it has to be a MacBook)


2 thoughts on “Quirky Idea #1”

  1. Day 7 Hüpfelplatze, Berlin. 8th of February, 2017

    Dear Logbook,

    I seem to have ran out of things to say about Berlin. Luckily I find my blog to be a great place to share my thoughts with the world. (I refuse to use Facebook like “normal” people.)
    What if you tape a slice of bread to a street light? Might post something about that on my blog.

    Yours truly,



  2. Dear Ing,

    What a happy surprise that my blog has appropriated for itself the power to reflect on its own content. However, you seem to have misinterpreted your title “Ing in Berlin”, in which the subject is “Ing” and not “Berlin”. It’s about me being in Berlin. As such, Berlin indirectly influences what I write, but in the end I write about whatever I find interesting, which is not necessarily about Berlin. Maybe the title should be “Ing in Berlin on a planet called Earth”, thus emphasising that it’s not about Berlin per se, but about my ‘being in the world’.

    Facebook sucks, anyone made of ‘vleas’ knows that.

    Interesting concept, you’re more than welcome to advance more ideas.

    Yours truly true Ing


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